€/ CHF: towards parity????

Long term: collapse in progress

 On a yearly basis, UY / LY spread is minimal. A bearish no-crossover is in progress for some periods with our 7 / 23 years moving averages. Our stochastic is overbought and the same status is expected for our MACD.

 On a quarterly basis, Bollinger Bands spread is expending dramatically. The trend for our stochastic, MACD and 7 / 23 quarters moving averages is bearish. As long as our MACD is not oversold, the collapse in progress will continue or expend.

On a monthly basis, the status for our stochastic and 7 / 23 monthly moving averages is a bearish no-crossover. Next period, a bearish crossover PM / MM will occur with an increase of UM / LM spread. A new bearish parallel pattern will be in hand.  

Idea: add short positions

Bet: yearly MACD will be overbought in early 2011

R = MW (1.3812);     S = -, –, — (towards 1.000???)


Medium term: Bearish parallel pattern

On a weekly basis, a bearish parallel pattern is in progress.

Idea: use bearish parallel rules. 

Bet: lower

R = MW (1.3812);    S = -, —


Short term: towards a bearish parallel qualification

On a daily basis, a bearish crossover PD / MD is expected with lower prices. A qualification into a bearish parallel pattern will be in hand. 

Idea: add short position with a new bearish pattern

Bet: a bearish no-crossover for our daily stochastic will add pressure on prices

R = MD (1.3511);     S= –


Conclusion: add new short position (weekly and monthly basis)


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