S&P 500: bullish on a medium term basis with a type I next week.

Long term basis: above PY

On a yearly basis, a bull trend for UY could emerge with higher prices. Above PY a new bull trend could be expected. Stochastic and MACD are not yet oversold. PY is a very strong resistance.

On a quarterly basis, LQ / UQ spread is maximal but shrinking. A PEI is in progress with our stochastic and our MACD. UQ is our next target if 1371 (current high) fails as a resistance.

On a monthly basis, Bollinger bands spread is a reference one. The status for our moving averages will be a bullish no-crossover.

Idea: focus on 1371

Bet: towards UY if PY fails as a resistance.

R = 1371, PY (1471.3), UY (1648);    S = MM (1238)

Medium term: bullish?

On a weekly basis, a PEI is in progress for each TAM tool. A type I is likely.

Idea: bullish with a type I

Bet: last opportunity to be long.

R = 1371;    S= MW (1269)

Short term: bullish parallel pattern

On a daily basis, a bullish parallel is in progress.

Idea: use bullish parallel rules

Bet: towards 1371 or above.

R = 1371;                   S=MD (1340)

Conclusion:  bullish as long as MD = support.

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