USD / JPY: bullish on a medium term basis

Long term: lower?

On a yearly basis, Bollinger band spread could increase. A PEI is in progress with our moving averages.

On a quarterly basis, a type I could develop.

On a monthly basis, a bearish parallel pattern is in progress.

Idea: use monthly bearish parallels rules

Bet: above MM is not ruled out.

R= MM (80.71), PM (82.75);    S= LM (75)

Medium term: a type II could develop

On a weekly basis, prices are above UW and the trend for LW is bearish. A NEI is the status of the monthly time frame and no PEI is in progress with TAM tools.

Idea: higher as long as our MACD is not overbought

Bet: a type II is expected in early March.

R = MM (80.71);     S = MW (77.41)

Short term: today, a type II is in progress

On a daily basis a bullish parallel pattern is in progress.

Idea: use bullish parallel rules

Bet: towards MM or above.

R = MM (80.71);   S = MD (77.65)

Conclusion: a medium bull trend is not ruled out.

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