WTI: technical recovery

Long term: without trend

On a quarterly basis, our MACD is overbought a bullish no-crossover is the status for our stochastic.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread is shrinking. As long as our stochastic is not oversold the decline could continue or amplify.

Idea: nothing to do

Bet: LM is a strong support.

R= UM (111.43); S= MM (95.95), LM (80.08)

Medium term: technical recovery

On a weekly basis, Bollinger spread is wide. Stochastic and MACD are oversold. M23 trend is down.

Idea: UW is a far away resistance

Bet: nothing to do.

R = UW (105.69); S = MW (91.68).


Short term: rise

On a daily basis, a PEI is in progress for all TAM tools.

Idea: rise as long as our MACD is not overbought

Bet: weak below MD.

R = UW (105.69); S= MD (91.67).


Conclusion: technical recovery on a short term basis.

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