3 M Euribor contract: technical correction

Long term: higher

On a monthly basis, the status for our 7 / 23 months moving averages is a bullish A type crossover. Stochastic and MACD are not yet overbought. With Bollinger bands, the pattern in progress is a weak bullish parallel one (no correction 2 periods after MM / PM crossover + LM without bullish dynamic).

Idea:  use bullish parallel rules

R = UW (99.442);        S = PW (99.133), MW (98.992)


Medium term: technical correction

On a weekly basis, a bearish non-crossover is the status for our MACD. Our 7 / 23 weeks moving averages are up. PW could fail as a support.

Idea: MW is a strong support.

R = MD (99.267);        S = PW (99.133), MW (98.992)



Short term: below LD

On a daily basis, UD is flat with prices on LD level.  With the weekly trend, no bearish pattern could develop. The status for our stochastic and MACD is a bearish non-crossover. PW is our first target.

Idea: a bearish pre-parallel pattern could develop in early November.

R = MD (99.267);    S = PW (99.133), MW (98.992)


Conclusion: not bearish as long as our 7 / 23 weeks moving average status is not a bearish A type crossover.


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