10 Y T-Note: without trend (medium term)

On a yearly basis, the status for our 7 / 23 years moving averages is a bullish no-crossover. The same status is in progress for our stochastic and MACD. The rise in progress should extend for some periods. Current Historical high is only our first objective.

On a quarterly basis, UQ / LQ spread is wide but increasing. A bullish A type crossover is in progress with our 7 / 23 quarters moving averages. Our stochastic and MACD were oversold at the same time. Current Historical high is only our first objective.

On a monthly basis, the spread for Bollinger bands spread is wide and bands are diverging. Our stochastic and MACD are not yet overbought.

Idea: as long as our monthly stochastic is not overbought, no correction could develop                                

Bet: bullish no-crossover for our stochastic is not ruled out.

 R = 128.7, +++;    S = MM (119.91)


Medium term: bullish parallel pattern

On a weekly basis, our 7 / 23 weeks moving averages are up. A bullish parallel is in progress. The rise could amplify.

Idea: use bullish parallel rules

Bet: towards LW if PW fails as a support.

R = UW (127.99);    S = MW (124.58), PW (123.9), LW (121.17)



Short term: without trend

On a daily basis, Bollinger bands are flat and the spread is thin. Our indicators are neutral. With our weekly moving averages trend LD will be a strong support.

Idea: neutral

Bet: nothing to do.

R = UD (127.67);    S = PW (125.55)


Conclusion: nothing to do until January 2011.


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